Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Like Giants Stomping Around

We have little feet
 with which we prance so ever lightly
Up and down the hillsides
 bending blades of grass beneath
Then giants come with giant feet
 and stomp around abruptly
Turning hillsides into landslides
 of torn up sod and heath

We have tiny little feet
 with which we bound around so gently
But giants with their big feet
 keep stomping around
We go about our business
 trying not to cause disturbance
But when giants come we know
 they’ll smash the village to the ground

We’ve tried to build up walls
 with the hopes that they’ll defend us
The giants simply lean on them
 and quickly push them down
We sing out with alarm
 when we see the walls are broken
But the giants hear our screams
 and start to charge towards the sound

The giants find our cattle
 and decide to play some rugby
No matter what we try
 they go about it all the same
Tearing up our crops
 as they tackle one another
Destroying hopes for harvest
 for the sake of fun and games

We have little tiny feet
 with which we prance so ever lightly
Dancing in the valleys
 with the moon to light our way
Knowing we must move
 under cover of the darkness
Or the giants when they find us
 will use us instead for play

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