Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Like Giants Stomping Around

We have little feet
 with which we prance so ever lightly
Up and down the hillsides
 bending blades of grass beneath
Then the giants come with giant feet
 and stomp around abruptly
Turning hillsides into landslides
 of torn up sod and heath

We have tiny little feet
 with which we bound around so gently
But the giants with their big feet
 keep stomping around
We go about our business
 trying not to cause disturbance
But when giants come we know
 they’ll smash the village to the ground

We’ve tried to build up walls
 with the hopes that they’ll defend us
But the giants simply lean on them
 and quickly push them down
We sing out with alarm
 when we hear the walls are broken
But the giants hear our screams
 and start to charge towards the sound

The giants find our cattle
 and decide to play some rugby
No matter what we try
 they go about it all the same
Tearing up our crops
 as they tackle one another
Destroying hopes for harvest
 for the sake of fun and games

We have little tiny feet
 with which we prance so ever lightly
Dancing in the valleys
 with the moon to light our way
Knowing we must move
 under cover of the darkness
Or the giants when they find us
 will use us instead for play

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Try, and you'll find...

Everything is everyone's
And everyone goes home
Try to buy it all
And you'll find you're all alone

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What to do?

When the lies are so thick
Truth sounds like propaganda
But everybody's so poor
You gotta take what they hand ya
What are you going to do?

Moving on from Evermore

Cacophonous calamitous conjested queues
Coloring the sky in unbeforeseen hues
You might wanna check and see your dues are all paid
So you're on good terms when the facts are all laid
Out on the table
You're gonna wanna make friend's while you're able

What I'm telling you, here's the gist of it
Here's the part that you don't wanna miss of it
I'm talking about something you might not understand
'Cause it's not the kind of thing you can hold in your hand
It requires understanding four dimensional space
See the flowing of time as if you're running a race

Where the course is continuously changing
And positions are constantly rearranging
So everything is always new
Every single thing that you do
Is something that's never been done before
It's why I don't see the point in keeping a score

'Cause all it ever does is cause a divide
Makes you always see the other as the other side
Instead of realizing all of us are all one
Ever since the whole universe begun
We are all the remnants of a cosmic creation
Of people and of places and of civilizations

And though we all got here via different paths
The time is coming soon to let it all be the past.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Turtles sit on floating logs
Occupying stagnant bogs
Shaded by twisted trees

And on the edge
A dancing hedge
Of soft cat-tailed reeds

And in it all a new life grows
Up from the rotting of the old
Once green and vibrant leaves

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Momentary Importance

Frankensteining life force into manic machines

Each one taking up more than it needs

To spit off the excess into heat waves

That's what we get for all this time we save

Picking and choosing where my wavelengths travel

I leave the road more paved for the gravel

Depart from the straight lines and the cold hard blocks

To spend some time amongst naturally formed rocks

Seeing their cracks and seeing their edges

Climbing to peaks and peering off ledges

That were made in ways man can't recreate

Our lives aren't long enough to bear the wait

How slowly we realize how fast things go

By the time I get there it's hard to know

The reason for the moments that led me to here

But I'm sure that worrying won't make it clear

Each moment I come upon brings a new challenge

But if all that I look to is what just happened

I'll miss whatever is happening now

Miss out on being part of the flow

Of each present moment as they cascade

Down the old rocks or the blocks we've made

Those ever changing forces of nature

Sculpting the landscape towards the future

Friday, July 3, 2009

Reflective Idealism

Mental feed back loop filter
On every thought
Tinted in shades
Of what you've been taught

As your thoughts loop around
Again and again
As they go through your brain
What happens to them

Do you see in new light
Is there clarification
Or does it just pile up
To complications

Are your thoughts organizing
Towards a goal
Or just wrapping a ribbon
Around a maypole