Monday, May 28, 2018

Like Vampires

They suck like vampires 
wearing high collared cloaks
to hide their teeth as they tell you 
whatever you want to hear 
keeping your mind occupied 
so you don't recognize 
them swooping in 
closer to your neck

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I do not put shades in the windows of my parlor
because that is what it means to be free

I do not fear to say things I believe are in order
because that is what it means to be free

I do not bow before the wishes of some abstracted other
because that is what it means to be free

I do not have to pay honor to my father and my mother
because that is what it means to be free

Monday, March 19, 2018

Mob Rule

Constantly fronting
like you know something
but what you know
is just a show
and we can clearly see it

Complex arguments
built on long stilts
so far extending
no on can see their ending
yet you expect us to believe it

Yes, freedom of speech
but please keep it in reach
at least tethered to reality
That’s not just a formality
It’s required to be effective

The abstraction that you draw
may keep your audience in awe
but it lies outside 
what evidence can provide
to justify your perspective

But you know that talking heads
will still shill what you’ve said
and give it their blessing
because it sounds interesting
even though they can’t understand it

Thus truth is defeated
as your message gets repeated
and the crowd cheers
for the only thing they can hear
exactly as you planned it

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Patterns of Abuse

If I ever find out 
the name of the person
who hurt you 
to make you this way
I will hunt them for sport 
and kill them slowly

Your lashing out towards me
has made me rabid
my first instinct has become
to lash out in response
I can’t interact anymore
without intimidating

Like a werewolf’s bite
I foam at the mouth now
I howl alone at the moon
torn to shreds and left to die
I've healed from your attacks
but still remember your teeth

I’ve had to create a barrier
between how I want to react
and what is acceptable
so I don’t scare people away
but the facade I wear
is only so convincing

Because it isn’t natural
it’s not how I want to feel
I want to express raw emotion
I want to be truly known
but who is brave enough
to not be scared off

I have learned to smile in a way 
that hides my fangs
I keep my mane neatly combed
and try to fit in
but my reactions seem off
and my growl gives me away

If I ever find out 
the name of the person
who hurt you 
to make you this way
I will hunt them for sport 
and kill them slowly

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weapons of War

I’m a weapon of war
and these songs that I sing
are the bullets 
that will bring you down

I’ve never known you 
to get so nervous 
as when you know 
that I’m around

Because the power that
you threaten us with
your jets and ships 
and your tanks

Are worth nothing to you
and you know it
without the complete
control of the ranks

Of universal soldiers 
standing ready
and willing 
at your command

Without them your threats 
are naught
but a sharpened sword
without a hand

I’m a weapon of war
and this war that I fight
is the battle for
our very souls

That you’re always trying
to rip from us
demanding we must
meet your goals

You lead with the carrot
and follow with the stick
to ensure you’ve got
both sides imprisoned

Keep us entertained so
we don’t take the time
to question our
living conditions

I’m a weapon of war
because I recognize
the war that you’ve
waged upon us

But your conquest depends
on us not realizing
your attacks are
directed against us

So these songs that I sing
are the proverbs that 
will prove your
power structure is wrong

While you stand up there
and shout at us
you’ve been propped upon 
our shoulders all along

Thursday, January 4, 2018


I romance the intrigue
holding on to the thought 
for as long as it will last
until all that remains
is a fond memory 
of a warm feeling
that I used to get
when I would remember
what I was inspired
by you to imagine

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Sitting in a darkening room 
Enjoying the last fading colors of dusk
My eyes adjust along with the decrescendo
Until there is nothing but familiar shadows

Thinking of poems about loneliness
That no one will ever read
The light hurts my eyes
As I begin to write