Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Cacophonous calamitous conjested queues
Coloring the sky in unbeforeseen hues
You might wanna check and see your dues are all paid
So you're on good terms when the facts are all laid
Out on the table
You're gonna wanna make friend's while you're able

What I'm telling you, here's the gist of it
Here's the part that you don't wanna miss of it
I'm talking about something you might not understand
'Cause it's not the kind of thing you can hold in your hand
It requires understanding four dimensional space
See the flowing of time as if you're running a race

Where the course is continuously changing
And positions are constantly rearranging
So everything is always new
Every single thing that you do
Is something that's never been done before
It's why I don't see the point in keeping a score

'Cause all it ever does is cause a divide
Makes you always see the other as the other side
Instead of realizing all of us are all one
Ever since the whole universe begun
We are all the remnants of a cosmic creation
Of people and of places and of civilizations

And though we all got here via different paths
The time is coming soon to let it all be the past.

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