Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Follow the Leader

I'm in front if I convince you I am
And you just must go where I lead you
You won't be prepared to see through my scam
Living on the scraps that I feed you

I'll water 'em down so they're easy to swallow
I don't want you thinking I'd make you
But soon you're dependant on someone to follow
Just don't question where I'll take you

I assure you you'll see that you and me
Will make such a like-minded couple
And I'll let you know just how you should be
So you won't go and cause any trouble

And while you're following me around
I might ask for your opinion
And then I'll decide which way we're bound
And you'll be such useful minion

Because I'm the leader if you follow me
And you don't try to compromise
And we'll be as happy as I can be
Or at least as I can devise


Waiting for words from the mouths of the dumb
Waiting for a day that's already come
But yet the crowd still lingers

If you don't try yourself you won't understand
You won't know the power you hold in your hand
If you never flex your fingers

For strength comes from the arm no more
Ever since the pen's mightier than the sword
It's all in how you say it

Be careful how your words are spelt
And with your hand and how it's dealt
So that it's safe to play it