Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Momentary Importance

Frankensteining life force into manic machines
Each one taking up more than it needs
To spit off the excess into heat waves
That's what we get for all this time we save

Picking and choosing where my wavelengths travel
I leave the road more paved for the gravel
Depart from the straight lines and the cold hard blocks
To spend some time amongst naturally formed rocks

Seeing their cracks and seeing their edges
Climbing to peaks and peering off ledges
That were made in ways man can't recreate
Our lives aren't long enough to bear the wait

How slowly we realize how fast things go
By the time I get there it's hard to know
The reason for the moments that led me here
But no amount of worrying will make it clear

Each moment I come upon brings a new challenge
But if all that I look at is what just happened
I'll miss whatever is happening now
Miss out on being part of the flow

Of every present moment as they each cascade
Down the old rocks or the blocks we've made
Those ever changing forces of nature
Sculpting the landscape into the future

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