Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weapons of War

I’m a weapon of war
and these songs that I sing
are the bullets 
that will bring you down

I’ve never known you 
to get so nervous 
as when you know 
that I’m around

Because the power that
you threaten us with
your jets and ships 
and your tanks

Are worth nothing to you
and you know it
without the complete
control of the ranks

Of universal soldiers 
standing ready
and willing 
at your command

Without them your threats 
are naught
but a sharpened sword
without a hand

I’m a weapon of war
and this war that I fight
is the battle for
our very souls

That you’re always trying
to rip from us
demanding we must
meet your goals

You lead with the carrot
and follow with the stick
to ensure you’ve got
both sides imprisoned

Keep us entertained so
we don’t take the time
to question our
living conditions

I’m a weapon of war
because I recognize
the war that you’ve
waged upon us

But your conquest depends
on us not realizing
your attacks are
directed against us

So these songs that I sing
are the proverbs that 
will prove your
power structure is wrong

While you stand up there
and shout at us
you’ve been propped upon 
our shoulders all along