Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shepherd of Demons

Oh shepherd of demons, where do you lead
Your devilish flock on your tall black steed
Galloping about with hoofs aflame
Do the demons know your name
And do you know it

This town is filled with ghouls and wraiths
And zombies climbing from their graves
Ghosts that roam the streets at night
Making children hide in fright
Too scared to go out

But in the dead there is great power
For when the great clock tolls the hour
The dead will have no fear of death
As the delicately living gasp for breath
And try to hold it

But legions wandering about in pain
Will feel at once alive again
As those who've lived in light-headed bliss
All realize just what they've missed
Or that they've sold it

So I ask you shepherd, where do you lead
Your flock upon your flame hoofed steed
And what becomes of creatures in the night
When led towards the morning light
Will their eyes bear it

Will they stand to face the rising sun
Knowing a new day has begun
Knowing well that it is time
As the morning bell begins to chime
Their ears will hear it

But those who hide inside in fear
Do you think that they will hear
The ringing bell as rays of light
Melt away all the shadows of night
The dead were wearing

And your horse's hooves will burn more bright
As flames of red are turned to white
And the black cloak worn upon your shoulders
Replaced by radiance as to ash it smolders
In the light of morning