Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Prayer for Civilization

Open the eyes of those who've closed them
Let them see the heavens and the sun
Starry skies full of glistening gems
Whose light might reach us in years to come

Protect all the children that are to be born
Let them experience a world without scorn

Give us all safe and reliable shelter
For when the rains pour or the sun rays swelter

Let our homes be more than just roofs overhead
With big dinner tables and warm cozy beds

Cover our fault lines with earthquake proof buildings 
So nothing will fall on the heads of our children

Smooth out the stairs at the universities
So everyone can access them more easily

Give us wisdom to percieve our surroundings
And courage to change them with voices resounding

And forgive us when we misstep or misspeak
But let us move closer to horizons we seek

At the end of the day let us look up and smile
Aware that our paths will continue a while

And let us never lose our faith
In ourselves and in a power that's greater

Let us experience true unity
Together we're stronger than alone we can be

Allow us to discover new ways to unite
New melodies as in harmony we sing
Let us learn and grow out in the sunlight
And dance in whatever the weather might bring